Stop Leaving $$ on the Table --Start Studying Legal English (Here’s how👇)

Are you leaving $$ on the table as a lawyer?
You know… things like…
Job opportunities
Or working with international clients
If you think you are, in this video I’ll share how to stop doing it and boost your revenue, free up your time, and build a career that works for you and not the other way around.
At the end of this video, you’ll learn…
→ The wrong question most lawyers studying Legal English ask…
→ My 3-step method to creating your own path to Legal English fluency
→ And a new resource to help you get started THIS WEEK
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And there's a little secret...

...all you need to do is dedicate 30 mins a day!! 
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Donoghue v Stevenson


The word negligence is a very common legal term nowadays. However, the modern concept of negligence can largely be traced back to 1932 when a House of Lords' decision set out the principle whereby one person would owe a duty of care to another.

In today's video, we are going to talk about a case that almost every lawyer in every common law system in the world is familiar with. It is the famous case of Donoghue v Stevenson. 

The case of Donoghue v Stevenson has a vital role in the determination of when a duty of care exists in negligence. The existence of a duty of care, which is owed to, by the defendant to the complainant is the very first ingredient without which, no cause of action arises. It can be said that this case has played an important role in the history and growth of the tort of negligence. 

The ruling, in this case, established the civil law tort of negligence and obliged businesses to observe a duty of care towards...

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Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.


Have you heard about the Carbolic smoke ball? In today's video we are going to look at the curious case of the carbolic smoke ball; known to legal students the world over; that forced companies to treat customers honestly and openly and still has an impact today. Furthermore, it is a fantastic case to understand the four elements of en English contract. 

Links mentioned in this video: 
>> Vocabulary List

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Simple Contracts and Deeds


This video talks about the difference between Simple Contracts and Deeds and if one of them really has an advantage over the other. 

We discuss the subtle differences between them and talk about why some contracts need to be executed as deeds. 

P.S. If you are more of a reading person, don’t worry! Check out my article on LinkedIn. 


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3 Biggest Mistakes Lawyers Make When Studying Legal English (and How to FIX them asap)


I will share with you the most common -and biggest- mistakes lawyers like you make when learning Legal English and how to fix them ASAP.


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Legal English - Do you need it?


In this video, I ask 2 QUESTIONS and state 3 FACTS that will help you answer the question. :)


Also, if you answered 'Yes' and found yourself nodding along when I stated the facts, don't forget to sign up for my upcoming online course - Legal English Academy at this link: Sign up to the waitlist by clicking. 

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