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How will the Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) Course help me?

  •  Learn technical legal vocabulary and collocations
  • Add an internationally recognized certification to your CV.
  • Understand how the common law system works and how it is different compared to civil law systems
  • Raise your general level of English proficiency
  • Gain the trust of your foreign clients by using the right words and sounding natural 
  • Get a CV boost and find work in international law firms and other international organizations.
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Hey there! I'm Rhea... 

...and the Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) is my expertise! 

Over the last few years, I have helped many students prepare for this coveted legal English certification and get a high score. 

Teaching Terminology is my jam, and I know the legal language firsthand, which is why I design my programs based on students' real needs and make them learn in a fun, easy, and practical way. 

Have you been studying English for years and still have trouble communicating professionally with your foreign clients?

You've been studying English for years - going to a language academy, private classes, watching Netflix shows - you've done it all. However, every time you have to attend to a foreign client, you struggle to find the right words and feel embarrassed. 

You know that serving foreign clients is a niche market opportunity, and you want to exploit that niche, yet you do not feel prepared to attract this type of client even though they need the services you provide.

Let me tell you something: it is time for you to reexamine your relationship with English if you want to see real progress.

When I was studying Spanish, I discovered that the key to leveling up my Spanish was to acquire new and relevant vocabulary.

And that is exactly what you need as a lawyer too! 

I have designed the TOLES Online 2021 course precisely to change your relationship with English, helping you set an achievable goal and accompany you in the process.

All I ask is 1 hour and 15 minutes a week.

Besides, with this flexible online format, you don’t have to leave your home. You can attend class from the comfort of your very own home. 

And we record all the classes. So if by any chance you have a prior commitment and you miss a class - no pasa nada! You can enter the class portal and watch it at your convenience later!

TOLES is the ONLY internationally recognised exam in the world designed specially for lawyers, law students and legal translators. 

Our students agree that when you sign up for the TOLES online course you notice a tangible improvement, right from the start. Because the exam approach works: it sets a clear and defined objective for you and you focus to achieve it.

Course Content

In the course, we follow the contents of the book The lawyer’s English language Coursebook. You can see the topics included in the image on the right. 

You will receive the coursebook once you sign up with us for FREE. You will need to pay the delivery charges and the customs duty since the book needs to be ordered from the UK.

You will also receive practice papers once you complete the course to familiarize yourself with the exam format and question types. 

You're in good hands! 

We are experts in the TOLES Exam; we have a 100% student success rate for all exam levels! 

Dates and Times

Duration: 6 months

The program consists of 1 weekly live class of an hour and 15 minutes. The start dates are flexible, and we have new batches starting every month.


Your weekly class schedule will depend on the batch you select and the exam level you are preparing for.

There are three levels (Foundation, Higher, and Advanced) for the TOLES exam. If you are unsure which one is a good fit for you, take this 60-seconds quiz to find out. We will email you the results. 

Classes are always between 6-9 pm CET. 

The course price for all examination levels is the same. 

You can take the exam on the following dates in 2021
(you can take the exam with our center if you wish to):

January 21 (registration deadline January 4)
March 18 (registration deadline February 26)
June 24 (registration deadline June 4)
August 19 (registration deadline July 30)
November 25 (registration deadline November 5)

All this for €465!



Here's what some of our students who did the TOLES 2019 and 2020 course have to say about us...

"I think the entire course offer was very attractive and I had no reservations before purchasing the course. After completing the course, I feel more comfortable with my legal English vocabulary. I specifically loved the classes for contracts. They are very helpful at work. Thank you very much, Rhea and good luck for your future courses."

Iria Fernández Vázquez
Real estate and urban planning lawyer

"The classes with you are amazing, very personal and I learn a lot. The materials are excellent and you get very involved in the student's learning. I have acquired a lot of legal vocabulary that I will be able to use in my day-to-day work. I have also learned many tips on writing emails and documents that are very useful for me in my law firm. Above all, you make legal English fun."

Inés Pajares de Dios
Lawyer at Uría Menéndez

"The TOLES course was very useful and helped me write legal texts much better than I could before the course. I also feel comfortable speaking in international meetings with clients due to the vocabulary studied in the course. I loved that the class size was small and therefore personalized attention was possible. I have already recommended the course to my friends. Thanks for all your support, Rhea!"

In-house Lawyer

Our 100% money-back guarantee

I like that my students can test the course format and decide if it is indeed for them. I want only satisfied students! Once you sign up for the course, you will be able to experience the first class and, if you change your mind, I will refund 100% of the course fees you have paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

The classes will be online and live with me every week. The group size will be 4-5 students per class. 

Each class will be for 1 hour and 15 minutes. We have new batches starting every month. 

Your weekly class schedule will depend on the batch you select and the exam level you are preparing for. 

There are three levels - Foundation, Higher and Advanced for the TOLES exam. If you are not sure which one is a good fit for you, take this 60-seconds quiz to find out. We will email you the results. 

Classes are always between 6-9 pm CET. 

The price for all examination levels is the same.

TOLES is a specialized English exam, so you will need to have at least an intermediate level (B1) to be able to take this exam.

There are three levels - Foundation, Higher and Advanced for the TOLES exam. If you are unsure which one is a good fit for you, take this 60-seconds quiz to find out. We will email you the results and the next steps. 

TOLES is organized by an English company called Global Legal English. It is an organization founded in 1999 and is a member of the International Division of the Law Society of England & Wales. It is, therefore, a private company independent of any university.

These are some of the entities, companies, and firms that already trust the TOLES to accredit the level of legal English:

The Law Society of England and Wales
Linklaters Oppenhoff and Radler
Allen & Overy LLP
Baker and McKenzie
Sony Ericsson
Daimler Chrysler
European Court of Justice
European Central Bank
Deutsche Bundesbank
Qatar Steel Company
Qatar Petrochemical Corporation
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

TOLES exam does not give a pass or a fail score. If you take the exam at any of its levels, you will get a score out of 100.

Even if you do not take the exam, you will receive a certificate of attendance issued by English for Business Executives (you must exceed 75% attendance to get the certificate).

The rates for the exam depend on the center you decide to choose for the exam. Our rates are 200 euros for the Foundation and Higher exam and 225 euros for the Advanced Exam. We conduct the sessions online, so you don't need to live in Madrid to do the exam with our center. 

Currently all TOLES exams are online. 

Recorded lessons will be available for two years from when you enroll in Online TOLES 2021. 

Let's summarize

In the Online TOLES 2021 course, you will receive:

  • 1 LIVE class a week of 1 hour and 15 mins, with me, Rhea Baliwala
  • 24/7 email support so all your questions are answered immediately
  • 2 live meetings with Rhea to do exam practice (for all levels) and solve any doubts
  • Every live class will be recorded and uploaded on the student portal for this course - so that if you miss a class, you can watch it later at your convenience.
  • The Lawyer's English Language Coursebook for FREE (customs and delivery charges payable by the student) + 4 mock exam papers in digital format to practice the exam 
  • Management of registration for the exam (if you take the exam with us)
  • Optional: A course completion certificate issued by English for Business Executives (at the end of the program if the attendance requirements  are met)
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